I want to be a Firefighter!

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This FFP was created by Miss Charity & Miss Stacey.

All About Big Red Fire Engines JF-DVD All Big
Lots & Lots of Fire Trucksvolumes 1 & 2 NF-DVD 628.9 Amazing and NF-DVD 628.9 Brave
Mighty Machines: Lights and Ladders JF-DVD Mighty
Rainbow Valley Fire Department series NF-DVD 628.92 Fire
Dot the Fire Dog by Lisa Desimini E Desimini
Fire Stations in Action by Mari C. Schuh ENF 628.9 Schuh
Fire Trucks by Amanda Doering Tourville ENF 628.9 Tourville
Firefighters: A to Z by Chris L. Demarest E Demarest
Firefighters at Work by Karen Latchana Kenney E Kenney
Firefighters to the Rescue by Meish Goldish ENF 363.37 Goldish
If I Were a Firefighter by Thomas Kingsley Troupe ENF 628.9 Troupe

Create a Fire Truck Box Toy
Easy Origami Fire Dog
Five Little Firefighters


Fire Truck Snack


Fire Prevention week is in October each year. Work together as a family to plan a fire escape plan.
First Safety Tip Sheets