Keeping You On Your Toes!

The library is always changing…which even includes our website!

This blog used to be full of the same weekly announcements we print in the Hugoton Hermes, send in an email, and post to our Facebook wall. Talk about overkill!

We will now use this space for a fun library blog, which will include many features, including book or DVD reviews, Reading Program announcements, special events, featured websites, important library information, fun activities or ideas… The possibilities are endless!

Tell us what you want US to tell YOU! Email, post on our Facebook wall, tell us in person, or give us a call at (620) 544-2301.

We would also love to post book reviews by our library users! If you would be willing to write short reviews of good, bad, or ugly books or DVDs, please contact Stacey.  We would even love to see reviews of children’s books!

Please join in our excitement about our newest endeavor!