Thank You!

Our 2015 Summer Reading Programs are in the books. With the assistance of our wonderful sponsors, volunteers parents, and care providers, nearly 1,800 kids and adults attended Sumer Reading activities. Three hundred ninety-one kids were registered and read 349,961 pages. We awarded 243 McDonald’s gift certificates, 211 Snowball certificates, 196 HRC Pool Passes, and 183 awards for completing the program. The final award included a Summer Reading T-Shirt, a Pizza Hut Certificate, passes to Exploration Place, and prize books. “Every Hero Has A Story” ran for 7 ½ weeks. The library held 7 “Big” programs, a Movie & Hot Dog finale, 7 Storytimes, 8 Afternoon Activities, and 8 Movies. Fifty-two adults played “Bookopoly” or simply registered the books they completed. Prizes ranged from food certificates to personal book lights. Our generous sponsors allow us to provide this program to participants of every age in our community and the surrounding area without charge. From books to weekly programs to craft supplies, it is possible only because of the generous outpouring from the community.

A list of our 2015 Sponsors and Presenters can be found at…/reading-programs/