6 by 6 Ready to Read

Help your child be Ready to Read by integrating these 6 skills into your daily routine! Parents and caregivers, be sure to check out our 6 by 6 Ready to Read Backpack materials to help get you started! Request one at the front desk.

6 by 6 Ready to Read Backpack Kits

(Checkable only to parents and adult caregivers)
Request your favorite at the front desk

Early Talkers: birth-2 years

 Ah Ha (2)  Barnyard Banter (2)
 It Is Night (2)
 Romping Stomping Monsters (2)  Say Hello Like This (2)  Square Cat ABC (2)
 Stomp Stomp (2)  Train (2)


Talkers: 2-3 years

 Big Rig (2)  Birthday for Cow (2)  Dino Bites (2)  
 Farmyard Beat (2)  Go, Go, Go, Stop! (2)    
 If All the Animals Came Inside (2)    Racecar Alphabet (2)  
     Stanley the Builder (2)  


Pre-Readers: 3-5 years

 Big Pigs (2)  Crocodile Who Didn't Like Water (2)
 Dog Loves Books (2)  Dragon Loves Tacos (2)
 Secret Pizza Party (2)
   Table Sets Itself (2)  Two Tough Crocs (2)  Word Collector (2)


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